Sito personale dell'artista Fabrizio Fadini



Fabrizio Fadini was born in Arezzo, Tuscany in Italy, in the summer of 1965. He studied languages and art at the Gino Severini Institute of Cortona , in Tuscany. He has travelled extensively in Europe and India. Fabrizio is actively involved in specialist art courses both in Milan and Florence. He remains as always an independent artist who is always searching new forms of expression.
Fabrizio experiments and uses a rich variety of techniques and mediums in his work: Oil, water colour, pencil, chalk, charcoal, tempera and many others. His work is abstract and transmits a vast range of feeling and emotion. He uses an entire spectrum of colour from vivacious to sober tones and also black and white at times. All his work displays wonderful movement, often created by the geometric forms that are repeated, interconnected and recurrent – suggesting vitality, energy, transformation and creative expansion. In fact the creative, vital expansion elements that characterize Fabrizio’s work are highly stimulating and positive.
Fabrizio currently lives and works in his studio  in Tuscany Land , Italy.


In a world always more characterized by experimentation it is always more difficult if not impossible to precisely define the style used by individual artists. Imprisoning an artists expression in a rigid definition can only help but to lock away this creativity.
Fabrizio’s works are not “products” - they are expressions of his thoughts, feelings and emotions. His work can be compared to musical compositions; the canvas his sheet, his mixed mediums the notes that when put together in varying combinations create different, interesting and new sounds.
Fabrizio’s creativity is in his mixed-technique; it is a constant and yet at the same time mutable in its variety of combinations. Fabrizio constantly searches for new combinations and experiments by introducing new elements, materials and colours into his work. This movement is also a characteristic of Fabrizio’s work.